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Jersey Score

As seen on TMZ and CNN! Hey man, not every dude who spends the summer at the Jersey shore is satisfied just fucking chicks. Some of the sexiest guidos are hotter for each other - a true Jersey Score - as the Chris Steele parody from Jet Set Men clearly demonstrates. Great muscular bodies and thick throbbing cocks are the order of the day. A parody of the popular television show, Jersey Shore, it stars Dean Coxx as the “abs-crazy”, self-named “Mike The Stimulation”. (This is the first and only time that Dean has ever appeared for any studio outside his own website “Stimulation” is constantly on the prowl, whether at the beach or in the bars, for a muscular body to worship, a big dick to blow and a hot ass to fuck. New Exclusive Andrew Blue makes his Jet Set Men debut as “Sammy”, “Stimulation’s” first conquest. Derrick Vinyard (“D-Wow”), is the bartender whom Dean last rams his big cock into, only the second time Derrick has bottomed on camera. A sizzling three-way among summer housemates - mega-hung Exclusive Josh Logan (“Ronnie”) and wild Kevin Cavalli (“Pauly G.”), both wedging Trent Diesel’s (“Vinny”) butt hole wide in their bathroom - is a standout. And a duo of hugely hung guys - Jarred King (“Angelo”) and Exclusive Hayden Stephens (“Brad Pherro”) - sucking and fucking their brains out on the bandstand at a local bar - completes the movie that has already gotten more press than any other gay porn movie on the shelves. The Hollywood Gossip website TMZ posted photos of the stars of JERSEY SCORE online and profiled the movie in a hysterical bit on their show where they dubbed Kevin Cavalli the Merly Streep of porn. At the same time over on CNN Joy Behar held a panel discussion about Jersey Score and comedian Jay Mohr revealed that he had two call backs to be in Jersey Score but didn't make the cut!



FULL CAST LIST: Andrew Blue, Dean Coxx, Derrick Vinyard, Hayden Stephens, Jarred King, Josh Logan, Kevin Cavalli, Trent Diesel
STUDIO: Jet Set Men
DIRECTOR: Chris Steele
Sex Parody


Scene 1, DEAN COXX ("Mike The Stimulation") & ANDREW BLUE ("Sammy") (33:38 min)
DEAN COXX ("Mike The Stimulation") & ANDREW BLUE ("Sammy")
Sexy Dean Coxx, self-named "Mike The Stimulation", is flexing his muscles at the beach, proudly showing off his sensational abs and bulging chest. As usual, he's on the lookout to "snag and bag" a hot piece of ass. Now at home, he is busy working his tan, smooth muscled body, when there is a knock at the door. Wild-haired and handsome, Andrew Blue appears, checking to see if the room Dean had advertised for rent is still available. Apparently it is, but Dean warns him that "There's a Big Deposit" required. Andrew's not totally clear about it, but it's obvious it has something to do with sex. "I'm not gay," Dean says quickly, so as to not turn this catch off, "I just roll with it." They begin to examine each other's bodies. "Take your shirt off, man, let's do a little flexing," Dean suggests. Slowly he gets Andrew to strip and show off his body. "Let's see the tushy," Dean says, and Andrew's shorts move down a bit. Dean's clothes come off, and he reaches over to massage Andrew's butt, circling his hole with his hands, slowly turning him on. Eventually, Dean crosses the line into gay sex. "Ready to give me that deposit", he asks? Dean's big uncut cock comes out, and Andrew reaches out to fondle it. He drops to his knees and starts sucking. Soon Andrew is going all the way down on it, opening his mouth and throat wide to take it chokingly in. Obviously, no newcomer to sex, Andrew spits on Dean's dick and slides his mouth up and down on it, stroking his own as he goes. Dean grabs the sides of his head and face-fucks him. His dick doubles in size and keeps right on growing. Dean lies back on a convenient mat, legs in the air, and offers Andrew his butt to play with. Andrew licks and strokes him, his tongue pushing into his hole. They switch places, and Dean now goes down on Andrew as he stands before him. Andrew's cock is so big and thick, Dean almost can't get it all in this mouth. Soon, Dean goes for his ultimate goal - Andrew's ass. He eases him down on his knees and works it, tongue-fucking him. Andrew accommodates Dean, spreading his ass cheeks and opening himself up wider and wider. "I'm gonna fuck that hole," Dean says, to which Andrew simply replies, "Yeah". It appears to be what they both want. Dean moves up and pushes his dick in, slowly going deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Andrew eventually flips over on his back, legs in the air, to let Dean go in even further. He squats down on the mat to fuck Andrew's ass from on top. Finally, Dean pulls his dick out and shoots a big load over Andrew, who quickly follows suit and cums on himself. "So," Andrew asks, "do I get the room?"


Scene 2, KEVIN CAVALLI ("Pauly G."), TRENT DIESEL ("Vinny") & JOSH LOGAN ("Ronnie") (22:37 min)
KEVIN CAVALLI ("Pauly G."), TRENT DIESEL ("Vinny") & JOSH LOGAN ("Ronnie")
Kevin Cavalli is hogging the bathroom, working on his hair. The three roommates are headed out to the bar, and they're all trying to get ready. Of course, Trent Diesel and Josh Logan think he's probably jacking off, so they pound furiously on the door to get in. Eventually, he has no choice but to let them in. They wrestle with one another to get at the mirror, but the fooling around turns into sex. Trent is immediately on his knees giving alternating blow jobs to both Kevin and Josh's big and bigger cocks. Josh gets rid of his pants and pushes his shirt up, and then off. Kevin pulls his shirt off too, then Trent's. The two then get Trent's pants off, admiring his ass. The mega-hung Josh kneels up on the counter to get Trent to continue his blow job, as Kevin accesses Trent's tight ass, slamming his big dick into it. Josh immediately wants some of that action as well, saying, "I know you want this big dick, and I'm going to give it to you." After a long suck and fuck session, Josh stands down on the floor, grabs a condom and takes over fucking Trent. Shortly, Trent flips over on his back to take Josh in even deeper. And then, as Kevin goes back up Trent's ass for more action, Josh wraps both his hands around his cock to jack himself off. Trent shoots a load while being fucked and then kneels down on the floor to take both his buddies' cum, first Kevin's and then Josh's. With the sex finished, Kevin jumps right back into doing his "fuckin' hair", and all three are back competing for the mirror.


Scene 3, JARRED KING ("Angelo") & HAYDEN STEPHENS ("Brad Pherro") (25:37 min)
JARRED KING ("Angelo") & HAYDEN STEPHENS ("Brad Pherro")
The whole cast is assembled at the local bar and knocking back shots of the house drink - "Fuzzy Butt Holes". They're all showing off their muscles, comparing biceps and abs, as they get hammered. Josh and Jarred King get into it over the attention the preppy newcomer Hayden Stephens is paying to Jarred, and Josh drunkenly punches him out. Hayden comes to Jarred's rescue and offers to buy him a drink. They head over to a deserted bandstand away from the bar and Jarred pulls out his big dick, asking Hayden to suck on it. "In a bar," he asks? Jarred assures him the guys will never notice. "Take your shirt off and get comfortable." As he does so, Jarred jumps up on the stage, whips his shirt off and pushes his pants down. Hayden's got his dick out too and is stroking it. He finally gives in and goes down on Jarred's big cock. Hayden gives him a great blow job, licking his balls and slurping his cock. The two trade places, and Jarred sucks on the now naked Hayden's dick - "a real cocktail". It's so big that it almost doesn't fit in Hayden's mouth. They then sit side by side on the bandstand and get out of their pants and shoes. Hayden goes back down on Jarred, and then Jarred on Hayden. Jarred tells Hayden to "Sit on it". Jarred comes up with a condom, and as Jarred lies back on the bandstand, Hayden lowers his butt onto Jarred's thick cock, ass to the camera. It slides ever so easily up Hayden's ass, as he rides it, bouncing up and down. Hayden maneuvers to turn around without ever losing his connection to Jarred's cock, so that Hayden can lie back on Jarred and ride it forward. Jarred pounds his dick up into Hayden's ass, his dick bouncing wildly up and down. Eventually, Hayden flips over onto his back, legs in the air, so Jarred can stand on the floor. He slides his dick in and out, pounding harder and harder until Hayden finally shoots his load. Jarred pulls out, loses the condom and cums over Hayden.


Scene 4, DEAN COXX ("Mike The Stimulation") & DERRICK VINYARD ("D-Wow") (26:05 min)
DEAN COXX ("Mike The Stimulation") & DERRICK VINYARD ("D-Wow")
It's closing time at the bar, and bartender Derrick Vinyard is attempting to close up. But Dean doesn't want to leave. Derrick tells him, "I'm the one that stays - and doesn't get laid." Dean convinces him that it doesn't have to be that way. Their shirts come off and the kissing begins. Caressing and muscle worship turns them both on. Derrick licks his way down Dean's body and then gets Dean's dick out, dropping to his knees to suck on it. After a while, Dean pulls Derrick up so that they can kiss some more. He pulls Derrick's pants down and drops to his knees to suck on Derrick's big cock, while stroking his own at the same time. Dean finally stands again, so that the two can kiss some more. And then, in a surprising move, Derrick turns around and gets up on his knees on two empty bar stools. Dean spreads his ass open, sensuously tonguing his hole and saying, "I'm gonna fuck this sweet ass." In time, Derrick gets off the stools, and standing on the ground, holds onto the bar. "You're gonna get hammered," Dean warns him as he slips his condom covered cock up Derrick's ass. He takes it bravely but with some difficulty, even seeming to enjoy it. Lying on his back on two bar stools, legs in the air making his hole even tighter, Dean fucks him. "This is just what you needed," Dean assures him. After fucking for some time, Derrick says, "Cum all over me", which Dean does in great spurts. Derrick then shoots his load, and Dean squeezes the last drop out of his uncut dick. Dean ends the movie by saying to Derrick, "Well, I guess it's been a successful summer. Just think, I didn't even know your name." To which Derrick replies, "Think of me as 'The Solution' to your 'Situation'."