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A masked man writhes in pain. Unyielding ropes cross his powerful chest and neck, and snake beneath is ass and balls. He stomps, struggles, moans in agony. Who is this familiar looking specimen? Could it be none other than the hardest hero of them all, the one and only Webwonder?

Titus (Ryan Michaels) appears, slithering out of the fog. He is huge, handsome, masculine, and powerfully built, with a barrel chest and an alluringly sizable ass of solid rock, stunningly emphasized by pale purple lycra. Titus is the man, asserting his power and control over his prisoner by crushing his balls in his massive hands. Long has he waited to achieve two goals: to fight Webwonder, and to fuck him hard. Now, it seems, his dreams have come true.

"How are you gonna save the day now?" demands Titus.

"Goodness always prevails," says the masked man with a bold retort.

Off comes the mask, revealing a beautiful, beaming face...but not the one Titus wanted.

It`s Wanna Be Wonder...the playful, boyish sidekick to Webwonder! As portrayed by budding badass A.J. Irons, this tough, toned web-slinger is the Jimmy Olsen of the Hard Heroes world, wrapped up in a small, but muscular package, and beaming with the light of youthful impetuousness. Titus is none to pleased to have the boy instead of the man, but that doesn`t stop him from manhandling the smart-mouthed stud, who takes his punishment proudly in service to his mentor. That punishment includes knees to the gut, ball crushing groping, hard humping, vicious threats, nipple torture, and finally long, passionate, forced kissing. Is it possible to love a villain?

Webwonder (Casey More) appears, as we always knew he would, stepping purposefully through the fog to rescue his faithful sidekick. As the boy wonder looks on hopefully, so full of pride, Titus and Webwonder face off...and fight.

This is the reason you come back to Can-Am again and again. This is the moment, the battle, the brilliance of this medium. Two men, two bodies, clashing together like cymbals. Booted feet intwining...heads locked beneath flexing biceps...hands clenched around straining necks...hips grinding...powerful frames struggling... rolling...rollicking...moaning...threatening one another as only two men locked in mortal combat can. Lycra sprayed ass cheeks spread and clench, limbs tangle, toes curl. This is the ultimate war, as both men resort to humping, groping, and glorious lycra-on-lycra torment. This may truly be the hottest, hardest super hero battle we have ever featured, as two men fight, punch, and squeeze all their way to a well-earned, heart-racing final submission.

And there is so much more to come. Individuals are tied, tormented, double teamed, beaten, pulled, and punished. Asses are licked. Cocks are expertly sucked, ridden, and emptied. Webs are flung and cum goes spraying across powerfully built chests, thighs, and stunningly beautiful faces.

When this circle of three is complete there is nothing but satisfaction to be found in the layer of Titus. Perhaps this villain is glad he was FOOLED.



FULL CAST LIST: A.J. Irons, Casey More, Ryan Michaels
STUDIO: HardHeroes
DIRECTOR: Chris Steele
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Cum Shots
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Bondage
SuperHeroes vs Villains
Three Way