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Just Add Water

What’s the "recipe" for a wild afternoon orgy of sex? Well, you take 10 great looking, well-hung, horny young men, invite them all to a beautiful home on a hot sunny afternoon, and throw in a pool. Lust will do the rest. As the new Chris Steele Production for Jet Set Men explains, JUST ADD WATER. It’s the secret ingredient.



FULL CAST LIST: Andy Kirra, Erik West, Jason White, Jesse Santana, Jordan Vaughn, Mason Wyler, Nickolay Petrov, TJ Young, Travis Scott, Tyler Saint
STUDIO: Jet Set Men
DIRECTOR: Chris Steele
Cum Shots


Scene 1, T. J. Young & Jordan Vaughn (with Jesse Santana) (21:09 min)
T. J. Young & Jordan Vaughn (with Jesse Santana)
T. J. Young and Jordan Vaughn come walking down a wooded path and end up alone at poolside. They start to fool around with each other, but opt instead to jump in the inviting pool. They swim and teasingly splash around, but really just want to have sex. Back in a shaded area, Jordan's trunks come off and T. J. goes down on him. Jordan has a thick dick, erect and ready for a blow job. Jesse Santana peers out of the living room windows and eyes the duo as T.J. continues to suck. Jesse gets hard and jacks off his thick dick while watching them. T.J. goes to rimming Jordan's muscular jock ass, turning Jesse on all the more. He obviously is ready for some action of his own. Out on the patio, T.J. buries his face in Jordan's ass. Then suddenly T.J. is on his back as Jordan fucks him. T.J. lays back to really enjoy Jordan's energetic pounding of his butt, with Jordan's off limits pink pucker hole exposed invitingly for the camera. T.J. kneels to take the continued fucking doggie style. When they both can't take it anymore, they jack off, Jordan standing over his friend, and cum.


Scene 2, Jesse Santana, Jason White & Nickolay Petrov (with Travis Scott) (25:36 min)
Jesse Santana, Jason White & Nickolay Petrov (with Travis Scott)
The camera moves indoors to catch lanky Jason White, casual in Hawaiian pants and a shell necklace, coming on to Jesse. Jason's pants fall to the floor as Jesse goes to work on him. Both men have wonderfully large, thick dicks. They move to a nearby ottoman to 69 each other, with Jason just getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Jason licks and tongues Jesse's ass from beneath as Jesse sucks on Jason's huge meat from the top. Jesse has one fuckable ass, and Jason has just the dick to service it. At this point Nickolay Petrov happens by and immediately joins them. Jesse alternates between Nickolay's huge dick and Jason's, sucking hungrily on them both, back and forth. Nickolay now gets behind Jesse's raised ass to fuck him as Jason and Jesse continue to 69. There is so much hot dick and ass at play that Nickolay is like a kid at a candy counter. Nickolay moves to fuck Jason now at the same time Jason is fucking Jesse spread eagle on his back. Jason then switches and sits on Jesse to take him up his ass. (The lean and handsome Travis Scott wanders into the room and watches from afar, but no one seems to notice.) Now Jason fucks the cum out of Jesse as he shoots on himself. Jason finishes with a spectacular cum shot up Jesse's torso, soon followed by Nickolay spewing his own generous load.


Scene 3, Travis Scott, Erik West & Andy Kirra (17:26 min)
Travis Scott, Erik West & Andy Kirra
Travis wanders off down the hall to a library guest room and catches blond, muscled Erik West doing Andy Kirra. Travis wants to fit in somewhere and joining these two blond studs might just be it. Erik climbs up on Andy's chest to face fuck him as Andy sucks on his balls and dick. The two welcome Travis and his beautiful ten-incher to join the party. Travis drops to kneel on the floor and work on Andy as Andy continues to service Erik. There's a great shot of the two dicks getting sucked on at the same time. Now, Travis and Erik both work on Andy. Andy licks Erik's pink hole as Erik and Travis kiss and continue to work on Andy. Travis is now the center of attention as Erik and Andy alternate kissing and sucking on their new friend. Travis fucks Andy's ass with his big dick as Erik continues to suck on Andy's. Travis's throbbing dick looks HUGE. Erik then shoves his dick up Andy's ass and manages to service Travis with his mouth at the same time. All holes are in play. Andy is on his back again and cums while Erik is fucking him. Travis then shoots a load he must have been storing up for a week, followed by Erik cumming over Andy's now spunk-filled torso.


Scene 4, Mason Wyler & Tyler Saint (24:23 min)
Mason Wyler & Tyler Saint
Mason Wyler is already hard in his shorts. He follows Tyler Saint into the kitchen. By then, Tyler is naked and sitting on the counter just waiting for him. Mason immediately goes down on Tyler's large dick. The two of them are hot and primed like "an orgasm waiting to happen". Tyler is really huge by now, but Mason is able to go down on it, taking it totally. He doesn't gag or choke as it goes all the way in. Sucking on Tyler's smooth and muscled pecs and nipples and then going back down to sucking his dick, turns Tyler on even more. Mason jacks off on his own sizable dick down below. They munch on each other's ass for mutual excitement. Spit and an eager tongue go a long way. Neither one is in any kind of a hurry to finish. Kneeling on the top of the counter, Tyler pushes into Mason and fucks him doggie style. Tyler looks bigger than ever going in and out. Mason takes Tyler's every lunge in the spirit it was intended, moaning with pleasure. Tyler goes on pounding. Mason flips over on his back to get some more. It sounds so close to painful as he takes it, but they never for a second back off from the intensity. Mason climbs atop his stud to ride his big dick even more. Finally Tyler shoots, and Mason lies down to cum.